Monday, August 13, 2012

Harrison is 1 year old!

Well, the day finally came. My baby is a baby no longer. Yesterday, Harrison turned one. To say a year has gone by fast is an understatement. It has flown. But, I've enjoyed every minute of it. Harrison has been a wonderful little baby. We've been blessed to have such a happy carefree child. He has truly made it a pleasure to have him in our lives.

Harrison, just a few hours old
Harrison's 12-month picture on the sofa

Harrison has changed so much over the past year. It's amazing to think how much they change, learn, experience in 12 months. They go from a helpless little baby dependent on you for everything to a little boy who is getting ready to walk his way into a new stage of his life. He's starting to point at things and request them in his own way, still eats everything in sight, and now stands, teasing us with the possibility of first steps. He actually thrilled us all at the party yesterday (except for Daddy) with a half step. We all cheered and he applauded. He knows what we're waiting for.

So, as mentioned, we had his 1st party yesterday. His day began with pressies from us (minus his gift from Mommy which is still being made), and his Nana & Grampsy, Nan and Auntie Jenny in England. He then partook of pancakes and fruit for breakfast. After a couple of errands with Daddy and Charlotte, he came home and had a 2.5 hour nap to prepare for the afternoon festivities.

Harrison had a wonderful time at his party. He had lots of family and friends there to help celebrate such a special day. He even had his friends Hudson, Thomas, Gabby and Jude attend and make it extra special. He was spoilt with lots of lovely gifts and of course, who can forget the cake? I think all in all, it was a great 1st birthday.

Mmmmm, breakfast

Charlotte made Harrison a poster and we added his monthly pictures to it

Making sure the munchies are OK and bopping to the music

Harrison's friends having fun

We had a jungle theme. I made the animals from modelling clay. 

Happy Birthday to you!

Blowing out the candles (with a little help from Charlotte, Dominic and Joshua)

Not too small, Mom!

Oh, that's good cake!

Don't give it all away!

I love all my gifts! Thank you!

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  1. :) What a little beauty! Looks like he had a lot of fun! Happy Birthday little Harrison!!